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🙏Prayer is having conversation with God.
🙏Prayer is a time to listen to what God is telling us.
🙏Prayer is a time to thank God for His goodness.
🙏Prayer is a time to worship God for who He is.
🙏Prayer is a time to pour out our heart to God.
🙏Prayer is a time to look to God for guidance.
🙏Prayer is a time to ask God to forgive our sins.
🙏Prayer is a time to tell God our needs.
🙏Prayer is talking to God about the needs of others.
🙏Prayer is a time to seek God and His favor.
🙏Prayer is a time to make commitments to Him.
🙏Prayer is a time to seek God’s will for our life.
🙏Prayer is the way to draw closer to God.
🙏Prayer is the source of our strength.
🙏Prayer is a time to cry out to God in our distress.
🙏Prayer is warfare against the enemy of our soul.
🙏Prayer is what softens the hardest of hearts.
🙏Prayer is what breaks bondages.
🙏Prayer is what brings healing.
🙏Prayer is what gives joy and peace.
🙏Prayer is what makes impossible things possible.
🙏Prayer is receiving divine protection against the devil.
🙏Prayer is obtaining instructions and guidance from God.
🙏Prayer gives wisdom and divine revelations.
🙏Prayer gives boldness.
🙏Prayer gives hope even in the most hopeless situation.
🙏Prayer draws people to God and saves them.
🙏Prayer increases faith in God.
🙏Prayer means never giving up on God.
🙏Prayer shows our dependence on God and not on our wisdom.
🙏Prayer brings victory.
🙏Prayer always pleases God.

Col 4:2 … “Continue earnestly in prayer being vigilant in it with thanksgiving…”
1 Thess 5:17 … “Pray without ceasing” Good Morning. Have a nice day 🔥🌟

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